The objects of the 'Trust shall be to conserve, for the benefit of the public, woodland and associated open land in England and Wales.




Enjoy the special, magical qualities of the wood by observing the following:

  • Adults are responsible for their own actions, irrespective of taking drugs or alcohol. Parents should be responsible for their own children.
  • Do not use violence, threatened or real, against another person or direct abusive language towards anyone else legally using the woods.
  • Respect other woodland users’ opinions and lifestyle and acknowledge that they may come from a different background, or hold a different world view, to your own.
  • Be aware of possible dangers to yourself and other people within the woodland environment. Avoid trip hazards and dangerous equipment.
  • Take extra care during times of tree work. Make others aware of the dangers falling trees present to adults, children and animals.
  • Try to leave the environment as you found it. Do not leave litter lying around and recycle as much waste and packaging as possible. If staying overnight please dig a latrine.
  • Only light fires in the designated fire-pit. Be extra vigilant in the summer and during periods of prolonged draught. Make sure any fires are put out at least an hour before you leave the wood.